Musicians' Clinic

The Musicians' Clinic is a specialised service for instrumentalists and is a collaboration between Physio Ed Medical Ltd and Dr Hara Trouli, specialist clinician in Performing Arts Medicine. The clinic invites musicians of all levels and working backgrounds, from young players and students to teachers and professional performers. Conditions such as neck, shoulder and upper limb pain, fatigue, sensory and motion problems and back and postural issues are explored in detail. 

We have a structured method of assessment including an all round approach to symptoms or injury.  We aim to work together with our musician-patient in an understanding and comfortable manner. Assessments are based on thorough medical and musical instrument-specific interviews as well as specialist clinical examination. Any further management is tailored to the individual. 

Our long experience in treating musicians and educating Performing Arts Medicine clinicians will inform this new bespoke clinic. Working alongside Physio Ed Medical Ltd with all practitioners' extensive involvement in performance rehabilitation, creates an environment of confidence where all our patients will enjoy full and comprehensive attention. 

We will aim to listen, to guide and to recover conditions that affect our patients and help musicians to continue with worry-free studies and an enduring career.