Dance and Performance Physiotherapy

At Physio Ed Medical Ltd we understand the specific and unique requirements of injured performers. We work with clinically proven manually therapy techniques to ensure a swift and safe recovery from injury, coupled with specific individual performance related stretch and exercise programmes. Our specialist hands on approach dramatically accelerates the recovery process by providing the optimal environment for the injured tissue to heal. The key is always a fast and accurate diagnosis but most importantly an understanding as to why the injured area has become problematic in the first place. Choreography, costume and stage environments often cause repetitive loading and can be a major contributing factor to injury. Physio Ed Medical Ltd clinicians are highly skilled in movement analysis and redistributing movement loads for a fast and long term solution for dancers, actors, singers and musicians alike.

Your treatment may include:

Muscle and myofascial deep tissue release techniques

  • Spinal joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • Peripheral joint mobilisation
  • Stretch and exercise prescription to restore an optimal muscle balance
  • Acupuncture/dry needling
  • Taping
  • Postural pilates based re education

We provide extensive services across London’s West End Theatre Land as well as working closely with a number of film productions and television shows.