Headaches and TMJ Dysfunction

Headaches are a very common symptom with potentially a large musculo-skeletal element to them. The neck and jaw are amongst the most common structures which can illicit debilitating head pain. 

Cervicogenic head pain is often centred in the temporal region, frontal areas (over the eyebrows and sinuses) and the nuchal line (base of the skull). The referral of pain from the neck is very structure specific and differs from true migraine symptoms. However often people reporting migraines are in fact describing cervicogenic head pain. The clinicians at Physio Ed Medical Ltd are expert in managing true cervicogenic head pain and utilise very specialist techniques to the anterior soft tissues and vertebral structures to treat this condition. Treatment will often initially replicate the patients head pain which gives a very strong clinical indication that the symptoms should resolve with a combination of manual and exercise therapy. Basically if we can duplicate the symptoms we can fix them.